4cl Jack Daniel’s Apple
3cl Lime Juice
3cl Grenadine Syrup
1 barspoon Alexandra Rosé

Back in times when the world stood still, I had my mind set on the creation of my own cocktail. It was clear in my head and its taste was imprinted on my palate. It was not permitted to meet other people, so I had no other choice but to experiment at a hidden bar, with just one other companion who helped bring my taste vision to life. It was an exhilarating, forbidden and dark journey, but in the end I found exactly what I was searching for. Aphrodite is a cocktail full of love. The hot red colour stands for passion and its sweetness is an antidote for the bitter time during which it was created. The sugared, red hot cherries look artificial and are meant to represent an era that was not natural at all. Passion and love is what Aphrodite is about…


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