Roberto American Bar

Welcome to the best American Bar in Vienna:

We serve Champagne and the most amazing Cocktails.


Our Champagnes

By the glass 0.1 
Laurent-Perrier Brut 14,– 

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé 15,–

By the bottle 0.75
Laurent-Perrier Brut 90,– 

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé 105,–

We have selected the most extraordinary 93 Cocktails for your choice.

We invite you to select these Cocktails by your taste:

We are proud to serve you the tasty 
Truffle Salami and aged Comté cheese
from Pöhl am Naschmarkt!

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Roberto immediately recognized his natural gift and enjoyment during his first job in a bar, working with people and welcoming them, and in fact giving them a good time. It wasn’t long before Roberto was offered a job at the Loos Bar, listed as a monument, and when he got there he had to start from the bottom washing glasses.

Alexandra is the strong woman at Roberto’s side and the genius behind the success of the ROBERTO AMERICAN BAR. She has completely planned, designed and created both bars.

The Philosophy of the ROBERTO AMERICAN BAR is based on a very deep instinct about how all people in this world should be valued and treated. The ROBERTO AMERICAN BAR only speaks the language of humanity and hospitality founded by Roberto Pavlović-Hariwijadi.

Why are values held so highly and vehemently defended in the ROBERTO AMERICAN BAR? 

According to Roberto, there is just one essential aspect that makes the sharpening of these values so indispensable. 

We are very honoured by the partnership with Casa Gheller to provide you this special Sparkling Wine.

This specially dedicated barrel was bottled at the Maker’s Mark distillery in Kentucky, USA.

We are proud to participate in glamorous Events, create new Cocktails and get flattering Press.

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